The best places for remote work in Paros, Greece

Paros is an undeniably nice spot for a vacation. It has the lovely beaches, good sailing, and iconic, cheery white buildings covered in explosions of pink flowers. There were fewer crowds of tourists than on some of the other Greek islands, but still plenty of nightlife and restaurants. There’s also an incredible cave to explore just a short ferry ride away, on the neighboring island Antiparos.

Of the Greek islands I visited, Paros was one of my favorites. As a place for effective remote work, though, it proved a bit tough. I can do the #workfrombed thing for a couple of days. But I strongly prefer venturing into the world and working from cafes and co-working spaces.

I tried out various coffee shops throughout Paros and usually discovered either no seating or no wifi (or wifi that was too brutal for successful work). Several of these cafes were very cute, with drinkable coffee and friendly baristas. They were good coffee shops—just not good workspaces.

After a few days in Paros and several false starts, I did discover a couple of good little places to pull out a laptop. Here are the best ones I found:

Ragoussis Bakery Bistro

Ragoussis Bakery is a cafe / patisserie / restaurant in Naoussa, just a stone’s throw away from the water. It was my favorite place to work remotely while I was staying on the north coast of Paros.

Ample seating and plugs.

Ragoussis is an indoor/outdoor space with a lot of available seating, and I never had a hard time finding an open plug either. The outdoor area is also smoker-friendly, but if cigarette smoke bothers you, it’s spacious enough that it’s easy to find a different seat.

Decent wifi.

Although not Google Fiber per se, Ragoussis had significantly faster wifi than our hotel. Even more importantly, it didn’t have the frequent, sudden wifi outages that our hotel was prone to.

Wide selection of food and drinks.

They really had an unusually gigantic selection of food. Aside from the usual suspects (coffee, tea, donuts, croissants) they also have a full salad bar, gelato, cakes, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, pasta, and an incredible selection of baked goods and traditional Greek pastries!

Open 24 hours.

Ragoussis literally never closes, which was a huge bonus for me because it was my main source of reliable wifi in Naoussa. It has a bakery feel in the morning, and later into the evening they turn the music up and it feels more like a bar.

Great people watching.

There were quite a few groups that looked like regulars, which made Ragoussi seemed like a popular place for locals. It also appeared to be a backpacker hangout, and we met some fun traveling artists from Romania who were also charging up their devices.

Paros Backpackers / Siren

Paros Backpackers is a little gem of a hostel/bar tucked into the downtown Parikia, the capital city of Paros Island. I thought it was the most remote-friendly workspace in the city of Parikia.

Quite good wifi.

The wifi was consistently around this speed, and we had no problems with it while we were there. The password is also posted visibly next to the bar.

Outdoor garden, and pool.

There’s a lovely outdoor garden area with trees, flowers, and plenty of seating both outdoors and indoors. There are some lounge chairs and beanbag-ish chairs by the pool. And there were also some community pool floaties for when you’re ready to take a break.

Friendly staff.

The bartender was super pleasant and helpful. Plus, since it’s a hostel, you could probably hang out on your laptop all day without anyone minding.

If you’re interested in checking out either location, here is Ragoussis Bakery’s TripAdvisor and Paros Backpacker’s Hostelworld.

Good luck with your remote work!

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