LSAT tutor: best location independent jobs you haven’t considered.

Teaching the LSAT was my first job out of university, and as far as traveling went, it was the best job I’ve ver had. My classes lasted 2 – 3 months, and for each class, the company I worked for set me up in a new city with a rental car, a short-term apartment, and even a stipend for food. In between classes, I had 2 weeks to 2 months off, which I mostly used to travel. I lived in Thailand, spent a month in Brazil for the World Cup, and visited friends in Denver, D.C., and Santa Monica.

All things considered, LSAT tutoring is one of the best remote jobs. It pays well, it’s flexible, you can work online, and you don’t need a particular degree. But before discussing how you can become an LSAT tutor yourself, let’s cover the basics.

What is the LSAT?

The LSAT stands for the Law School Admissions Test, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s the placement test that aspiring lawyers take to get into law school.

It has a reputation for being difficult, and it admittedly rushes you for time. But you don’t need to memorize any facts, and the logic that the LSAT is based on is actually very simple. Overall, it is an extremely learnable test.

What is an LSAT tutor?

As an LSAT tutor, you’ll help students who are preparing for law school, so most of your students will be either college students or recent college graduates. It’s sort of like being a professor, but without needing a post-doctorate degree.

Why is LSAT tutoring one of the best remote jobs?

No certification needed.

All you need to do is take the LSAT and achieve a certain score. The minimum score that you need in order to teach varies depending on the company. Kaplan, for example, requires a score of 164, while Testmasters requires a minimum score of 171.


LSAT tutoring usually pays between $15/hour and $100/hour. The exact amount will vary based on the nature of the work and which company you decide to work with (if any). Either way, most LSAT students are about to go into $100k+ of debt for law school, so they’re usually not at their most price sensitive.

Short-term and/or online work.

If you’re someone who likes to alternate periods of work and travel, LSAT tutoring is an ideal gig. As an LSAT tutor, you can take 2 – 3 month classes in various cities across the United States, take a few months off to travel, and then take another class afterward. Alternatively,  you can simply tutor online.

Become an LSAT tutor.

Ready to become an LSAT tutor? Here are your steps forward:

1. Buy study materials.

Assuming you don’t want to get a tutor yourself, the best option for learning the LSAT is to self-study with PowerScore books. You’ll want their Logical Reasoning Bible and their Logic Games Bible. (Their book for reading comprehension is counterproductive, so don’t bother with it).

2. Take initial LSAT diagnostic exam.

You can get a free test here. To take the complete test, you’ll need to set aside time for four 35-minute sections, plus breaks.

3. Create a study plan.

There are tons of sites to help you design a study plan. Whatever you decide, make sure that your studies include lots of practice LSATs. They’re good practice, and they’ll also tip you off to when you’re in your desired score range.

4. Take the test

The LSAT is only given 4 times a year (February, June, October, and December), so you ‘ll need to plan in advance. You can sign up for the next exam on the Law School Admission Counsel’s website.

Please leave any questions in the comments area, and good luck with your remote work journey!

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