Novelty November: Results

In November, I committed to trying something new every day (if you want to catch up on why, check out the post on Novelty November). After living the entire month in a spirit of experimentation, here are my main observations:

I said yes more often.

Near the beginning of November, one of my Lyft drivers invited me to a weekly bingo night at St. Agatha’s Parish. And although I would normally be intrigued by the invitation, my commitment to Novelty November was the extra push I needed to actually make my way out to Milton and walk into a room full of strangers who were passionate about Bingo.

Overall, throughout the month, I found myself saying yes to more people, places, and events that I normally probably wouldn’t have prioritized.

I created more art.

I’ve had a 60″ canvas lying around for a couple of months the bucket list item, “Paint something on a big canvas.” I’d been putting off creating something on it, waiting for artistic inspiration to strike. But the first day of Novelty November felt like the perfect time to bust it out. With the help of a little white wine, I ended up creating a mixed-media piece with an Icelandic newspaper and some splatter-paint:

(In case you’re wondering: yes I did splatter the paint all over the wall, window, and floor. Sometimes passion is hard to contain.)

My neighbor also gave me a lesson on doing pour paint:

It was great excuse to explore things I’d been interested in for a while.

I’ve been a casual enthusiast for quite a while. But Novelty November gave me the impetus to sign up for a Level 1 Certification class. I finally took the scuba class that I’d been putting off. And, I invested in screenwriting software, another one of my latent interests.

Watermelon Perrier is the most delicious flavor.

Confession: during Novelty November, I had a sick day when I was home alone and didn’t leave the apartment once. I did have Amazon Fresh delivered, so I decided to try something new as my novelty attempt for the day. Yes, trying a new flavor of Perrier felt like a bit of a cop-out. But on the bright side, I did discover that watermelon is significantly more delicious (and flavory) than most Perrier. 5/5 would recommend.

Traveling makes novelty-seeking so much more convenient.

During most of the month, I was doing a fair amount of planning to make sure that I checked off a novelty item each day. For example, the first day of scuba class was obviously covered. But the second day? I had to try and work something novel in after 10 hours of scuba. (In the end, I checked off novelty for the day by accidentally setting my smoke detector off and having a neighbor come and yell at me. Oops!)  Anyway, near the end of the month, I left for Australia, and I immediately noticed that I didn’t have to worry anymore. In Western Australia, I’d usually have done something novel before 9am without even planning.

Traveling certainly isn’t necessary for finding novelty. But I will admit that it makes it much easier

I definitely want to repeat Novelty November.

Overall, November was an unusually transformative and interesting month.

Thanks to everyone who participated with me in Novelty November, and let’s do it again next year!