Tell stories from the sky.

Drone popularity has risen in recent years, and so has the demand for drone pilots and drone videography. There’s never been a better time to get into drone piloting than right now.

Learn to drone.

Become a certified drone pilot.

Learn everything you need to know to earn your remote pilot certificate from the FAA so you can start legally selling your services as a drone pilot.

Study with concise summaries, real test questions, and infographics instead of wordy legal documents. Come away with the ability to work with the FAA to fly where other pilots can’t.

Learn to drone.

Take cinematic aerial footage and powerful photos.

From launch to land and all the post-production work that follows, you’ll learn to create beautiful, sellable drone content. Become an expert pilot and learn to optimize camera settings for the best possible results.

Learn to drone.

Why take this course?

  • Drone pilots are in very high demand. Construction companies, realtors, videographers, and farmers are just a few potential clients looking for certified pilots today.
  • It’s super fun and easy to fly a drone like a pro. Drone technology has come a long way, and it’s easier than ever to perform buttery smooth camera work from the sky. 
  • Can be very high-paying for minimal effort. The right client will pay thousands of dollars for a day of droning (or less).

What you’ll learn:

  • How to pass the Part 107 Initial Aeronautical Knowledge Test. You’ll learn everything you need to know to pass the part 107 test and earn your certification with the FAA.
  • How to take beautiful footage and powerful photos. You’ll learn to compose stunning visuals from the sky and set the camera to capture the scene at its best.
  • Which drone will best suit your goals. Depending on your brand and potential clients, there’s a different suite of drones that could suit your needs.
  • How to recuperate your costs if you crash your drone. Destroying your most valuable business asset is a terrifying and very real possibility for drone pilots. We’ll teach you how to recover if it happens to you.

Droning is for you if:

  • you’re willing to invest in a drone or already have one.
  • you love playing with new technology and get passionate about photography or videography.
  • you’re prepared to do a bit of hustling. There aren’t many salaried droning positions, so some hustling for paid gigs may be required at first!

Learn to drone.

100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Every course comes with a 100% happiness guarantee. That means that if you’re not completely happy, you can get a full refund within 30 days.