Remote Skills Aptitude test

The Remote Skills Aptitude Test was created by industry experts and a clinical psychologist. It will recommend the remote skill most suited to you based on your interests and aptitudes.
which would you prefer in a job?
At work, your biggest strength is that you are:
Which image are you most drawn to?
Which forms of social media do you use frequently?
Do you have a Mac?
Publisher is to book as _________ is to film?
If you could spend 3 months learning a new skill, which would you choose?
are you more of a...
Your friends would be most likely to describe you as:
Do you believe in horoscopes?
When you spoil yourself, you go for:
Your best guess as to what the code is saying:
Which job do you think you'd enjoy the most?
Would you rather...
How much photography experience do you have?
If no tigers are snuggly and all snuggly animals cause allergies, which of the following must be true?
Which photo are you drawn to?
When it comes to new technologies, would you say that you're an early adopter?
What excites you more?
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